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Lotlite Property
Lotlite Property is one of the fastest growing real estate companies based in Hinjewadi, Pune. Our web platform will empower the rentees and the owners both, by providing a seamless and hassle free experience. Our experienced real estate agents will make sure you get what you came looking for.

Lotlite Property deals in every aspect of real estate, from luxury office spaces too ultra affordable 1 BHK, to 5 BHK flats, we have got everything sorted for you. Apart from robust property searching, Lotlite Property will take care of your labour issues, tenants behaviour and make sure your rentee makes timely payments. We also make sure that the rentee is not being harassed because of any unfair contracts. We also provide maintenance services for properties on behalf of the owners.

Our proprietary software helps us maintain a whole and comprehensive list of all the properties that are out in the market. This data helps us save much time & makes finalizing a property more easy & less hectic for our clients.

BUY With decades of collective experience and an expertise of over 10+ projects & 1000+ properties in our portfolio, Lotlite property is one of the most renowned enterprises in the field of property management & Maintenance in Hinjewadi Pune.
SELL Reach Thousand of potential buyers with just a couple of clicks. Our web application is super easy to use & master. Just fill in the details and submit the form, one of our agents will get back to you shortly.
RENT We deal in all types of real estate products, from luxury office spaces too ultra affordable 1 BHK, to 5 BHK flats, we are a one stop realty shop for your dream home.