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A loan can be money, property or any other form of goods given to a person or a party in exchange for future repayment of the principle amount along with chargeable interest. The principal is the amount money borrowed, and therefore the amount charged for borrowing the loan is interest.

Type of Loan

Home Loan:

Home loan is the sum of money borrowed from banks or any financial organization to buy a house. The borrowed amount consist of fixed or variable interest payable over a specified period of time.

Loan Against Property: 

Loan against property also known as mortgage loan, is a kind of loan where the borrower needs to mortgage its property to avail loan from bank or other financial institute.

Balance Transfer:

Balance transfer of home loan is mostly availed to have a better interest rate(lower than the current interest rate). The balance transfer on an existing home equity credit can only be availed after a pre-determined period of time as mentioned on the first loan agreement


Need of borrower:

Understand the need of customer.

Lender shortlisting :

Depending upon the need of the customer, one or more than one lenders are shortlisted.


Arrangement of all the documents required for loan

Finalizing of lender:

Finalizing of the lender from whom loan to be borrowed

Loan Process:

All the document are send for processing loan.

Loan Disbursement:

Loan amount is handed over.


Allahabad bank
Andhra Bank
Axis Bank
Bank of Baroda
Bank of India
Union Bank
State Bank of India
canara bank
UCO Bank
Punjab National Bnak
Yes Bank
IndusInd Bank
Central Bank of Inida
Bank of Maharashtra


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